Saturday, December 5 • 12:00pm - 1:30pm
Family Films

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In the forest (U.S.A., 4 min.) Director: Li Xia

Far away from here, There is an enchanted forest that holds many deep,
dark secrets and is full of dangerous creatures If one day you find yourself there, Lost inside the darkness. Don't be afraid.

Switch Man (Taiwan, 4 min.) Directors: Hsun-Chun Chuang, Shao-Kuei Tong

In a normal quiet Sunday, Dr. Evil Mantis attacted K-City unexpectedly with his gigantic claw, the entire city in panic and in danger. At the very critical moment, one young man stood out and fight the Dr. Evil Mantis. This is the moment for the hidden superhero, and his secret power is about to turn this chaos upside down. The Legend is about to begin...

Scaredy Bat (U.S.A., 4 min.) Director: Greg Perkins

A tired frog is trying to sleep, but keeps being woken up by a crying bat who is scared of the dark.

Rosso Papavero (Slovakia, 5 min.) Director: Martin Smetana

Once upon a starry night, a small boy with the head full of fantasies witnesses dreamlike circus performances. Dazed by endless chain of glittering attractions he realizes that the price for a ticket to the fantastic circus tent is too high and gate between reality and dream is closing.

The Present (Germany, 4 min.) Director: Jacob Frey

Jake spends most of his time playing videogames indoors until his mum decides to give him a present.

Mr. McBob (U.S.A., 7 min.) Director: Pierre Schantz

For years, school had been anything but exciting for 9 year old Pierre. It was always the same boring routine. Until one day, his fourth grade teacher took a break from the traditional schoolwork. Mr. McBob showed the class something different, something creative, something, “Outside the box,” which sparked Pierre’s interest and ultimately changed his life. Based on a true story, 12 year old student director Pierre Schantz reveals how he was first inspired by his 4th grade teacher to begin making films.

The Moment (U.S.A., 1 min.) Director: Sean McCarthy

We are all more connected than we think...

Ripple (U.S.A., 3 min.) Director: Conner Griffith

The shapes we make - an advertisement for planet earth.

My Heart (Islamic Republic of Iran, 2 min.) Director: Yaser Talebi

Miss Teacher’s heart is sick, and students want to give
her a big heart as a present.

The Red Thunder (U.S.A., 7 min.) Director: Alvaro Ron

Sarah (Allie Grant, "Weeds"), a nerdy teenager, needs her mom's brand new car to go on a date with Danny (Miles Heizer "Parenthood"), the boy she is in love with. Her mom, Dr. Thun (Karen Strassman, "Silicon Valley"), an absent minded Podiatrist is concerned about Sarah driving by the dangerous streets of downtown Los Angeles. She tells her daughter she may need her car if one of her patients has an emergency, but Sarah doesn't buy it. After all Dr. Thun is just a Podiatrist... Sarah receives a message from Danny asking if she is going to pick him up and she decides to disobey her mom and steal the car. Little does she know the vehicle is actually part of a secret Dr. Thun keeps and this discovery will change Sarah's life forever...

Total Time - 41 min.


Saturday December 5, 2015 12:00pm - 1:30pm
Anchorage Museum 625 C St, Anchorage, AK 99501

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